Programs for delivering "Integrated Care"

A History of Integrated Care

Two years after becoming a committed Christian in 1974, Dr. Morehouse and his new bride Susan moved into an inner-city neighborhood on the west side of Rochester, NY. Their dream and heart were to establish a presence in the city for faith-based service that would integrate Christ-centered primary health care and multifaceted community outreach. A year later he was called to leave his medical position at the Eastman Kodak Company to follow a visionary blueprint (see Original Outline) he had received to set up shop and serve in a small commercial district two blocks from their home. Together with his wife Susan and a team of people from their church and the surrounding community His Branches came into being as a trans-denominational 501(c)3 nonprofit neighborhood ministry on Rochester’s west side where Dr. Morehouse began offering primary care and support services to all who would come.

From the start the His Branches model has been one that demonstrates integrated tripartite ministry to body, soul, and spirit in keeping with a fully Biblical worldview. Together with Jesus, the underlying prayer was and has always been “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!” The work was remarkably received in the neighborhood when it first opened, and word got out rapidly through publicity like that written up in the local City West Newspaper. Since then, His Branches has grown into a multi-site faith-based Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that has become a thriving example of servant leadership and sacrifice in ministry for all who come, especially those who are less privileged in our community. Over the years, many others in the broader Christian community have caught the vision and transplanted it to their own communities throughout the United States.

A Legacy Example of Integrated Services

Providing vital faith-based services in urban Rochester, NY since 1978

His Branches Inc. is a nonsectarian Christian ministry that seeks to bring hope, healing and restoration to individuals, families, and entire neighborhoods.

In 1978 we opened our main office with a lot of community support on Arnett Boulevard in the heart of the City of Rochester, NY, as part of a progressive vision, dream, and prayer. The vision is of people from all walks of life being helped by gifted doctors and nurses working with others who are living out their faith caring for those in need. The dream and prayer encompasses fostering the restoration and growth of communities where children could grow up in healthy families, play in safe neighborhoods, worship in vibrant churches, and learn in enriching schools.

Over the years our name has highlighted our source of inspiration, encouragement, and strength: He is the Vine, the root and source of our motivation, and we are His Branches, grafted in and being renewed daily to serve.

Starting with just Dr. Morehouse and Rita Donnelly as his full-time, multi-function staff support person, His Branches Health Services, Embracing Options, and the outreach ministries of His Branches Community have grown to employ five providers and several project leaders supported by a full staff and many volunteers.

Click here or on the grapevine image above to visit our legacy main website and see more background information about the programs at His Branches under Dr. Morehouse’s leadership. As examples of the kind of archived information available you might want to read our public Statement of Faith and view the summary Dr. Morehouse gave at the His Branches Banquet in 2018 celebrating 40 Years of Serving. Or click here to find out more about the programs His Branches is currently sponsoring in the community.

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